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Hello, and welcome to Wolf Pack, a Wellington based dog walking and training service.

My name is Emma, and I founded Wolf Pack in 2012. I’ve been working with dogs since 9 years of age and got my own dog a year later. Safe to say that my passion only grew from there…and here I am.

I now have four dogs of my own, a Hunterway x, a German Shepherd Dog, a Border Collie and a Tamaskan Dog, two of which feature in my logo. They are my loyal sidekicks and assist me in teaching new dogs appropriate behavioural and social skills.

Dogs need a human leader to survive comfortably in our world, to guide them through it, help them understand it, and ultimately make the most of it. They don’t understand that you can’t just run across roads, chase down sheep, or tackle that dog annoying them at the park. It’s our job to teach them what and what not to do, to lead them through life while enabling them to live it to the best of our ability. My goal is to help you achieve this, both with my adventure style pack walks and training sessions.

I believe that dogs need a mixture of both rewards and discipline to help them grasp exactly what is wanted of them – you could probably get to Auckland by only turning right but it’s gonna be a lot quicker and less stressful if you also take the left turns!

I ask my clients to be open minded towards different ideas when learning how to communicate with their dog, as what works for some dogs may not work for others.


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2+ hour pack adventure

Pricing: $40/dog

Ideal for the more energetic dogs, we explore different parks and forests all over Greater Wellington for a minimum of two hours. The dogs learn how to interact in a respectful way with both their pack members, and the public encountered on the trails. We also do the occasional city walk in cooler weather for teaching the pack how to work and listen in a different, more distracting environment.

This service runs on Monday (Porirua), Tuesday (Upper Hutt), Thursday (Upper Hutt), and Friday (Lower Hutt).

Free pick up and drop off to your home in the custom build van is also included.


1 hour pack adventure

Pricing: $35/dog

Tailored for older/injured dogs, and puppies too young to join the big pack walk, we also have this easier option. We find different, easy terrain parks and short walks and spend the next hour wandering around them, finding secret spots and hidden nooks. Occasionally, we also go into Wellington City for a city stroll and some exposure training.

This service runs on Wednesday only (Upper and Lower Hutt).

Free pick up and drop off to your home in the custom build van is also included.




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Please feel free to contact me with any queries with the form below.